Review: Book: Trespassers- Claire McFall


Title: Trespassers

Series: Ferryman #2

Author’s Name: Claire McFall

Publisher: Kelpies

Genre: YA Fantasy

Page Count: 274 Pages

ISBN: 1782504354 (ISBN13: 9781782504351)

Author or Book Website:

Link to Amazon purchase page: Trespassers

Link to Goodreads: Trespassers

Release Date: N/A

How I Got the Book: Review Copy

Summary of the Book:

Tristan and Dylan have escaped the afterlife. But fate never meant for them to live. Dylan should have been killed in a horrific train crash. Tristan should still be a Ferryman, an immortal. Now, living in bodies they have no right to inhabit, they discover they’re connected by something stronger than love. Their souls are bound together. Alone, they’ll die. When they broke through the boundary between the worlds of the living and the dead they defied the laws of the supernatural world, and showed the way for others to escape. Now they must face the consequences. Can true love transcend destiny? Trespassers continues the epic love story of Dylan and Tristan, in the stunning sequel to the truly original, award-winning debut novel Ferryman. This is a love story like no other, beautifully told, richly imagined and with a narrative as full of suspense and action as it is with intense emotion.

My Personal Review: I received a copy of this for a fair and honest review. This is the sequel to Ferryman. IT is the novel that continues Dylan and Tristian adventure after they escape the afterlife. They did what they had to for love but was it enough to save their souls and their love? It has me feeling so much for their struggle and them going against the natural order of things. I need to know what happens next to them.

My Rating of the Book: 4 1/2 Stars

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