Review: Book: Love and Other Curses-Michael Thomas Ford


Title: Love and Other Curses

Series: Standalone

Author’s Name: Michael Thomas Ford

Publisher: HarperTeen

Genre: YA Romance LGBT

Page Count: 352 Pages

ISBN: 9780062791207, 0062791206

Author or Book Website:

Link to Amazon purchase page: Love and Other Curses

Link to Goodreads: Love and Other Curses

Release Date: N/A

How I Got the Book: Review Copy

Summary of the Book:

The Weyward family has been haunted by a curse for generations—if a Weyward falls in love before their seventeenth birthday, the person they love dies. Sam doesn’t plan to fall for anyone in the nine weeks before his birthday. He’ll spend his time working at the Eezy-Freeze with his dad; cooking up some midsummer magic with his grandmother, great-grandmother, and great-great-grandmother (the Grands); and experimenting with drag with the help of the queens at the Shangri-La, the local gay club. But when a new guy comes to town, Sam finds himself in trouble when they strike up a friendship that might be way more than that.

As Sam’s birthday approaches and he still hasn’t quite fallen in love, the curse seems to get more powerful and less specific about who it targets. A mysterious girl Sam talks to on the phone late at night and a woman he’s only seen in a dream might have the answers he’s been looking for—but time is running out to save the people he cares about.

My Personal Review: I received a copy of this book for a fair and honest review. I am going to start thos review that some of this book can be triggering. I have to say that I felt bad for Tom. Tom did not have the support and foundation that Sam has and this to me hurt the book seriously. I know it is about a curse and not finding love before 17th birthday which for Sam is fast approaching, but I just can’t let this slide. All the other characters were done well and complex but Tom were shamed, hurt and outed and some of this was done by Sam as well as others. It hurt to think anything could come of them.

My Rating of the Book: 3 Stars

One thought on “Review: Book: Love and Other Curses-Michael Thomas Ford

  1. The title of this book grabbed me right away! Not going to lie, now I’m curious to find out what was triggering about this one… Lol there’s something wrong with me, sorry XD Great review!


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