Review: Book: Diamonds and Dragons- Rachel Angel


Title: Diamonds and Dragons

Series: Cruel Princes of Wyvern All-Boys Academy Book 1

Author’s Name: Rachel Angel

Publisher: Romance on the Go

Genre: YA Fantasy

Page Count: 262 Pages


Author or Book Website:

Link to Amazon purchase page:

Link to Goodreads:

Release Date: N/A

How I Got the Book: Review Copy

Summary of the Book:

We are The Four Princes from The Four Kingdoms of Wyvern.
Razor is the Red Prince from the Kingdom of RoseCliff.
Jasper is the Green Prince from the Emerald Realms.
Tar is the Black Prince from the Dark Forests.
And Flint is the Silver Prince from the Metal Lands.

We are princes one day who will rule our kingdoms in Wyvern. Right now, we are the Kings of Wyven School for Boys, a school known for the toughest training of rulers and heads of states to be in order to prepare them for the cruel, cruel world we know of, in the kingdoms of Wyvern.

On a typical day at Wyvern School for Boys, one student or another gets beaten badly, pranked on so viciously, that they end up seriously injured or close to death. It is the way of Wyvern. It is how kingdoms determine the next heir and successors to thrones.

It is a vicious game. One of survival. One of rules.

So when they let in Allotrope Free from some nowhere kingdom, we felt affronted. Assaulted with disrespect.

First of all, Allotrope is not a boy, but this girl, who is much too pretty and gorgeous to be in a school full of boys.

Second, she is the last thing anyone would think could be a ruler or head of state. She is an orphan.

Wyvern School for Boys is letting her in as a statement from one of our mothers, who is the ruling Queen of one of of kingdoms. Girls can grow up to become rulers too.

Kingdoms are at sake. Real wars are being fought. The last thing we need is a girl like Allotrope to make everything we stand for, a whole big joke.

So, when it comes time to eliminate a student at Wyvern School for Boys, Allotrope should be the first to go, and we Four Princes, will make sure she goes.


Call me Allotrope…Ally for short. When I received a royal decree from Queen Jade of the Emerald Realms to attend school at Wyvern School for Boys, I thought it was a prank pulled by my friend William who apprentices with me at the Blacksmith. There was no way I could attend such an elite school just for kings-to-be.

But it was a Royal Decree, and if I don’t obey the Decree, there was a threat of death to me and to all I hold dear, which probably means William and his parents, Bilbo and Kate, the blacksmith and his wife, the alchemist, whom had let me stayed with them since I became an orphan.

To keep them safe. To keep me from losing my head, I packed up what little belongings I had and enrolled at Wyvern School for Boys.

Everything at Wyvern School for Boys was meant to intimidate. Being the only girl at a school of incredibly handsome boys, especially the Four Princes, was intimidating.

Not to mention the cutthroat competition that literally cuts students from the school.

I’m stuck in a hard place…either get killed by defying the Royal Decree and also get everyone I cared for, killed. Or stick it out at Wyvern School for Boys, despite all the bullying and cutthroat games Wyvern has in store for me.

Of course, there is no choice…I must survive Wyvern School for Boys, or die trying.

Did I mention this is a school for Dragons, too? I just have to watch out for the fire.

My Personal Review: I received a copy of this book for a fair and honest review.  I got a copy of this book in the mail from the author. I was so ready to read this adventure. Ally and the four princes. She is the first female in an all male school for warriors. They keep pushing her, but she does not back down at all. She shows that she is strong willed, brave, and really smart. She says what is on her mind and has the heart and skill to back it up. I know this is the first book in a new series. I love the names of these books they give me good feelings.

My Rating of the Book: 4 1/2 Stars

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