Just An Update!!!



I have been doing a lot of reading as of late. I have not been doing a lot of reviewing. I will being review all of what I have been reading, but right now I am just feeling a little off. I love reading and reviewing book. I love sharing my opinion with the world. I read usually whatever I can get my hands on and that catches my eyes. I have been running out of things that I want to read. I have a binder with a list of the things I have read. I did take some recommendations recently and it did not take me long to go through those books. Now I am looking around to see what is going to draw my attention. I guess I could always go back to those two books I keep and see if there is anything in them. I keep all the books I have read or want to read in them.

It is just something I do to keep track of what I love and that has always been reading. I have always loves to lose myself in the worlds and places of fancy that are created by authors. It does not matter if it is published works or one of my favorite places to read stories on Wattpad. I am thinking that I should review some of those stories on here. I love the heart and bravery that all of these authors have for putting their work out into the world. I am not that brave. I keep my writing to myself. It is the the negative side of sharing it a few times and getting a teacher telling me I could never be a writer, but that was a long time ago. I still take part in NaNoWriMo. But then they go on a flash drive and that is where they remain. I am not saying all my writing experiences are back because that would be a lie.

I asked a tutor in high school who I asked to read something that I had written. She said she would read and she would give me feedback. She said that it might take time since she did work. I waited a couple of weeks before I asked her and she said that she had started to read it but she has some news for me. The news was she did not know where my story was because I handwrote things back then and she did not know where it was at this point. She said it was in the drawer in her desk and now the folder was gone. It turned out that someone found it and read it and passed it on for someone else to read. This went on for over two months before I walked into the tutoring room and this girl walks over to me and hands me the folder. She told me that I love to read that I should read this. I sees what is in side and chuckle and set the folder down and look at her. I told her I don’t have too. She looks at me like I am saying this to piss her off. She tells me is a great book. I told if that is what she really through and she nods and she sits down and she starts to tell me her favorite parts and that there should be more for she still has some questions. I asked what the questions where and she told. This made me smile. I told her I did not need to read it because I was the one that wrote it. She looked at me strangely. I write under another name because high school was hard enough without others know what I did with my free time. She asked me if I had more things I told her I did but now that she knows it is hard to share. I took out a piece of paper and wrotes some questions on it and told her to fill in the blanks and I wrote her a short story of her own. I am writing but the world will probably never read it. My husband wants me to put some of my stuff of Wattpad so that others can read it. I am thinking about it, but if I do should I put something I wrote years ago or should it be something new? I am not sure.

I am just giving you all an update of what is going on in my head as of late. If you have comments on me sharing my work let me know or if you have something you think I should read and review I will take that too. I am trying open my eyes to all new things. Thanks for listening to me ramble. Have a wonderful day.

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