Guardians of Magic Series


Destroyed by Magic, the prequel for Guardians of Magic series, is free thru 11/1. If you have KU, then the entire series is free.
If you like sexy gargoyle shifters, you will want to check out Roark, Quinn, Slade and Jax.
Power always comes with a price, and sun witch Samara Haylan knows the cost.
Destined to become the strongest witch in her academy, Samara’s powers are increasing. Like all supernaturals, she’s forbidden from practicing old magic or dating humans, two things she can’t resist. Aside from her shifter and mage boyfriends, she finds herself falling for a human. A love that she refuses to give up, no matter what the cost.
As if sneaking around with a human isn’t dangerous enough, she delves into old magic to aid in the search for her missing friends. The council is furious and they’re pointing fingers in Samara’s direction. Now, she must not only clear her name but also find proof that humans and supernaturals can coexist.
The harder Samara searches for answers, the more problems she faces. If she doesn’t locate her friends, she’ll lose more than her position in the coven. She’ll lose her powers, and maybe her life.
After all, no one knows what happens to banished witches.

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