Immortal Mayhem – First Book New Series


Immortal Mayhem is .99 and free in KU!
Book 1 in the Immortal Crown series.
Trick or Treat? That’s exactly what Claire is wondering when she attends a Halloween party full of realistic supernatural creatures. This all has to be fake, right? Supernatural creatures only exist in movies. At least, that’s what Claire keeps telling herself, because if she’s wrong, she may not leave this party alive.
I felt something wet on my leg as it began to work its way up my thigh. Glancing down, I found the largest dog I had ever seen. His nose was getting a little too familiar with me. I slid my hand down, wedging it between his snout and my skin. Probably not a good idea to stick my hand near his mouth, but if I didn’t stop him, he was going to be all up in my hoohah.
The dog ignored my hand, bumping it out of the way so he could search higher. When he made contact with my underwear, I squealed. I gripped the sides of his face, trying to pull his head away. I felt my cheeks flush as our tug of war caught the attention of the people around me. I heard some chuckles and a catcall. I attempted to cross my legs, but he was already nose deep. This dog was definitely friendly.
“At least buy a girl dinner first.”
What happens when you get invited to a Halloween party full of supernaturals? Total mayhem!
“I REALLY LOVED IT!!!!!!! Its quirky, funny, faced paced, brilliantly written and draws you in from the first few pages.” ~ Amazon UK reviewer

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