Goodreads Reading Challenge



I take part in the Goodreads reading challenge every year. I always set it at a 100 books and see how much more I can go over it. I read 853 books later year. I of course did not review all of thiem. I am going to try to do better this year. I know I am getting a late start on a lot of my post this year already. I have been really sick and have been doing my best to get well so I could get back to posting for you all.

Tell is you are taking part in the challenge and if you are what you set your goal at. I would really would like to see how you are doing along the way. I will keep you update as best as I can. I think my total right now is 8 out of 100 right now. I guess when you are sick in bed you can do a couple of things. One being sleep and help your body get well. Or you could be like me and read in bed and go on adventures.

Thanks for reading and have fun in your own reading adventures.

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