Bookworm Problems #1


There are all kind of bookish problems that bookworms face on a daily basis. It is one that bookish people understand best. It is something all of us can kind of laugh at or have a strong opinion on.


When a book that you are reading has a lot to explain or wrap up and there is only 20 pages left in the book.

  • This kind of gets worse when this is the last book in the series.
  • Or you know now there is a cliffhanger coming
  • This gets far worse when it is all said and done and there are unanswered questions.

When you finally understand the meaning of the title and it is like the sky opens up to you.

  • I completely love this.
  • Though there are times it upset me if I am not sure I like the meaning of the title.

When not one, but two or more of your favorite characters all died with the same book.

  • This frustrates me
  • It happens too often to me
  • Makes me question my own choices in favorites



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