How I Pick the Books I Read

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There are a lot of things that go through my mind when I am trying to pick a book to read. I normally have to decide what format I am going to read the book in. Do I want to actually get my hands on it or do I want to pull out my Kindle and scroll to find something? One I have figured that out I am set to move on to the next step of my process.

That is deciding on what genre I am in the mood to read. That also depends on what I just finished reading. I am open to a lot of genres and that is a good thing for it makes books plentiful. Of course if I have ARCs or Review copies those are the first things I go for to make my selection. If I am caught up on those then it is to my my ever growing TBR list. I have to go through all the new covers or unless I am looking at books I meant to have read already. Then I have to decide if to read the start of a series or continue one I am already reading.

Once I have my choice them I have to decide where to curl up and let myself get lost in my net reading adventure. Most times it is curled up in my bed with either tea or hot cocoa. Does not matter what time of year. Unless it is over a hundred outside then it is probably ice cold soda.

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