Review: Book: Wickedly Ever After- Rachel Kenley


Title: Wickedly Ever After

Series: Standalone-Anthology

Author’s Name: Rachel Kenley

Publisher: Riverdale Avenue Books

Genre: Romance

Page Count: 232 Pages

ISBN: 9781626015401

Author or Book Website:

Link to Amazon purchase page: Wickedly Ever After

Link to Goodreads: Wickedly Ever After

Release Date: N/A

How I Got the Book: Review Copy

Summary of the Book:

Something wicked this way comes–and this time, wicked is going to win.

Villains are the heroines and heroes of their stories and in this anthology they are going to be the leading players–and finally find love. In these 10 stories you will find villains from fairy tale, folklore and myth. From the familiar to the fantastic. From Hades to Grendel.

You’ll meet:
A man who gets more than he expected by binding himself to a selkie,
A woman who discovers the loveable Beast in the young man she once knew,
A mermaid who is not meant to be with a prince,
A witch who has so much more to offer than a cabin made of sweets,
A singer who has promised something she cannot deliver and gets help from an unexpected source,
And more. If you’ve ever rooted for a witch, an evil fairy or a wolf, this anthology is for you.

My Personal Review: I received a copy of this book for a fair and honest review. I love books with a lot of shorter stories. I got sweeped away in the romance and sweetness of these stories. I mean there is not all happiness and all, but most story that have Wickedly in the title are just a little strange. I am going to look into more by all of these authors and see what I can find.

My Rating of the Book: 4 Stars

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