Book Lover



I have said for decades now that I am a book lover. I get great pleasure out of reading and it something that is part of me. I remember even as a child that reading was a big part of my existence. My mother started reading to me at a very young age. There is a moment that I did not learn until years later, but my mother and I read the same romance at the same age. It was a historical romance by an author that is one of my mother’s favorite. We were both thirteen at the time.

I think my love of book came from my way of getting lost in the stories that I was reading. I read a lot of thinks about kids going on adventures. I think I wanted to be like the people in those books such Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, and so many more. I loved mysteries as a child or CYOA books. I think I enjoyed all the new things that I could learn. I read hundreds and hundreds of books a year. I get something out of reading what authors’ imaginations put out into the world. I enjoy writing as well, but very little of what I write ever sees the light of day. It is just for me usually.

I remember sitting in the small town library that my grandmother would take me too. The children and young adult books were in the basement. I have this one corner I would go sit in with my back to the wall on the floor. There were these rotating book racks. I would sit there and read one after another while my mother, grandmother, and sister were elsewhere in the library or running other errands. The three librarians knew me by name and would tell me when I came in if there were new books for the series I was reading. I think reading will always be a passion that I have to indulge in for the rest of my life.

I am a book lover and very proud of it. Tell what draws you to the written work. Share your stories with me.

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