Reading Goals 2020



I am just sitting at my desk this morning wondering about the books on the little shelf to the left side of my desk. I have been thinking all the books that I read last year. The books on the shelf are special and important ones. They are books that were sent to me to review. Some of them are singed just for me and that makes my heart beat faster as I read the books these authors put out into the world. I had wanted to read 1000 books last year. I read 853. I have a similar goal this year.

I want to read a lot of different things this year. I am trying to keep my mind open but I am not sure what I can add to my list. I am thinking of going back to some of my favorites growing up like Mysteries. I have not read as many as I did back then. I could not read them for awhile because a famous Detective ruined mysteries for me. I am not going to call this fiction character out. But is has been over a decade or more and I loved them back then. I want to be a more open-minded reader and not close my mind to books that might be something I need in my life.

Tell me about your reading goals and things reading related. I am sharing with you and I want to hear about your reading journeys as well.

Happy Reading.

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