Getting Back On Track!!!



I know that I have been away for awhile and that I have not posted anything much in the last few months. I have just been dealing with a lot that is going on inside my head. I think I have got it all under control and I am ready to get back to post reviews and other bookish content. This is just a little update to let you know that I have not vanished or ghosted for good.

I have been reading a lot so not that I am getting back to it I should be able to get up reviews up rather quickly. I keep looking over at my blog binder even as I am writing this post. It is black and shine and saying you have work to do. No more time for messing around. I know this to be true. I have promised all the authors, agents, presses, and publishing companies who have reach out to me and given me copies of their books to post reviews, cover releases, blog tours and other posts to get it done. I am making my way back.

Thank you all for being patient with me. Times are not always easy and sometimes we all need a little time to get back on track. Take care of yourselves and be safe.



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