Review: Book: Every Kiss- C. J. Burright


Title: Every Kiss

Series: Music, Love and Other Miseries # 0.5

Author’s Name: C. J. Burright

Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Page Count: 81 Pages

ISBN: 9781913186920

Author or Book Website:

Link to Amazon purchase page: Every Kiss

Link to Goodreads: Every Kiss

Release Date: N/A

How I Got the Book: Review Copy

Summary of the Book:

A Music, Love and Other Miseries story

He’s smooth, charming, arrogant and believes he can get whatever he wants—including her. Denying him is a challenge she can’t resist.

Six months ago, Gia lost the love of her life—and the spark that earned her the nickname ‘Glitter Girl’. When Christmas rolls near, along with her office-decorating duties and the traditional hiding of mistletoe for the underground holiday kissing bets, she puts on her happy face and pretends she isn’t slowly suffocating. But when cocky lawyer and resident eye-candy Ian bets that she’s the one who will be kissing him beneath the mistletoe, Gia places a bet of her own. No way, no how will she lock lips with Ian.

Ian O’Connor refuses to lose, whether in the courtroom, the bedroom or a bet concerning mistletoe kisses. From the day Gia walked into his law firm, she has haunted his fantasies with her blood-heating stilettos and sunshine smile. Now that she’s single again, he’ll do anything to eliminate his unhealthy fascination for her—a luxury he can’t afford without exposing his troubled past.

But as their battle—and their chemistry—grow in intensity, both Gia and Ian may discover there’s an even greater risk than losing a bet when surrendering to a kiss beneath the mistletoe.

My Personal Review: I received a copy of this book for a fair and honest review. This is a prequel to the series. Gia is doing her best to give over a tragic loss only a few months earlier. This also means she is doing the best she can to not be tempted. All the women in the office are drawn in by Ian’s charm, but Gia. Nothing really starts to pull them together until the holidays. Ian becomes a little obsessed and he is very intense. They story is kind of light, but steaming in all the right ways.

My Rating of the Book: 3 1/2 Stars

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