Review: Book: Every Step- C. J. Burright


Title: Every Step

Series: Music, Love and Other Miseries #3

Author’s Name: C. J. Burright

Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Page Count: 270 Pages

ISBN: 9781839433887

Author or Book Website:

Link to Amazon purchase page: Every Step

Link to Goodreads: Every Step

Release Date: N/A

How I Got the Book: Review Copy

Summary of the Book:

An annoyingly irresistible cop and a dare that could ruin her life… Love is a complication Kat will avoid at any cost.

Sharp-shooting cop Katerina Hellman needs a fresh start. Leaving behind a failed marriage, she ditches the city and bunks with her sister in the tiny town of Graywood. When the local police chief offers her a position as the temporary firearms instructor, she jumps on it. So what if it’s a ‘mostly boys’ club? She’s done with men, doesn’t need their unrealistic expectations and not even the tall, dark and annoying badge Roman can change that.

Roman Farkos lives for his job, to serve and protect…until Kat shows up with her snarls and superiority. He can’t resist pushing her buttons. She wants to be considered one of the boys, which would be fine if she didn’t stir a desire to do more than protect and serve her. Kat may be raw from her recent split, but Roman resolves to convince her that love—preferably with him—is worth the risk.

When Roman challenges Kat to a six-week contest of wits and skills, it’s game on. As they work and play side by side, her resistance fades and unexpected passion flares. But when big-city danger hits and secrets are revealed, Roman faces the greatest challenge of all—convincing Kat that real love is worth the fight.

My Personal Review: I received a copy of this book for a fair and honest review. I was not completely sure about this book. I had read the rest of the series which each have their own story. Kat comes to live with her sister and get something straight in her head. That is how she means Roman. He loves to just push her buttons. That is when he challenges her to a contest. They both have their issues and have to overcome them to get to where they want to end up.

My Rating of the Book: 4 Stars

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