Author Spotlight: Cass Voit

Author Bio:

Cass Voit (aka Sako Tumi) is a self-published author based out of Northern Virginia. She has breached 100 subscribers on Authortube after eleven years of honing her writing craft. She is also a
professional Photographer, Illustrator, Bellydancer and Flow Artist. At the end of the day, she
enjoys curling up with her husband and her black cat, Nobukatsu, a stupid show and a horror book. She can be found on most social media as either Sako Tumi or Psychosako.

Business Bio:

Cass Voit is the writer of the stand alone HopesChest and the Damned Hitman Series since 2005. She graduated in 2006 with a BFA in Graphic Design. In 2011, she jumped from short stories to novels, and has never looked at fanfiction the same way since. InApril of 2020, she decided to self publish in a fast release over two years through White Wolf’s fanlabel, Dark Pack. Her youtube channel subscribers tripled. She was invited to host during Authortube events. She looks forward to what the future has to hold.

Debut Novel:


Pandora “Panda” Tran is a queen among the White Hats based out of the Washington DC area. When a government agency hires her to hack into a “suspect” forum, she is confronted by wizards that use
computers in their magic. When the Government agents that hired her show their true colors, Panda has no choice but to also learn this form of magic in order to stay alive.

Ways to Reach Her:

Author Website:

Storytellers Vault:

Social Media Link:




Youtube: Sako Tumi


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