The Reasons One Should Still Review Backlist Books

I have seen this question come up a few times when I am looking around review websites trying to find what could be my next great reads. There are new books coming out all the time and there is not way one could get and read them before the new set of new books comes out. That is when I decided instead of just going forward that I would start looking back at my review list of authors. I want to see what else they have in their backlist. I have already found some books that I want to read and who knows if I had not done this that I would be missing out.

The first reason that I think that one should go back and looks at the backlist that these books need some love too. If you already love the author’s style there is a chance you will like the others stories they have written. I know this is not always true but I have found a few treasures by looking back after most of the reading and reviewing community has moved on to something new craze. I want to show my support to some of my favorite authors and sometimes the authors are new to me recommended by someone else.

The second reason is that books are often cheaper and easier to get my hands on. There are times when I am one of my favorite second hand bookstore and I will come across a book that I seen a lot of people talking about a few months before or so. I usually pick it up for like a couple of dollars. That is something that makes me happy and my book buying budget very happy in the end. It makes me keep going back to see what I will discover next.

The third reason is that I could not get my hands on the book when they were new. That could mean that I could not get a ARC or a review copy of it at the time. It could also mean that I did not have the budget to include in when I purchased a few books. It is now a little older but that does not change the story so I can still discover what everyone was talking about for myself. Oh maybe it was one that got lost in the shuffle of all the new books. I am always looks for new authors to discover and going back and looking at the collections that have gone by is my way of give some light to other authors who did not get as much light shined on them.

I do have a worry that I have missed out on something amazing. That is why I am always widening my scope of reading for I said no to some genres for years like Sci-fi and there were some books that I have read recently that I could have completely missed out and never knew of those worlds or characters or that author’s own view point in the creative text. It has taught me that I need to be more openminded when it comes to what I decide to read.

This is just how I feel about going back and taking the time to discover the books on authors backlists. Who knows what could be discovered and seen in a whole new light. I am going to continue the search and I hope you all do as well. If you have favorites you think I should look at let me know.

Happy reading!!!!

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