Review: Book: Kingmaker’s Kill- Rachel Angel


Title: Kingmaker’s Kill

Series: Kingmakers of Kingsbury #3

Author’s Name: Rachel Angel

Publisher:, an imprint of

Genre: RH Paranormal Fantasy Bully Romance

Page Count: 151 Pages

ISBN: B084BT8154

Author or Book Website: N/A

Link to Amazon purchase page: Kingmaker’s Kill

Link to Goodreads: Kingmaker’s Kill

Release Date: June 28, 2020

How I Got the Book: Borrowed

Summary of the Book:

As Violet Kingsbury, I was born to be a kingmaker. In a time when wars were common and thrones were fought after, the only name that could bring about peace…the only man that could trump the decrees of kings was Kingsbury. The Kingmaker. But when the legendary Kingmaker is disposed, and the time of the Choosing has come, can I, the daughter of The Kingmaker rise to take the place of my father? I am about to find out as the strongest, most capable, and most legendary princes across the lands come to challenge me for the Choosing including 4 of the most handsome princes who not only wants to win, but to want to win me, too:

Becoming Kingmaker, even as The Kingmaker’s daughter, will not be easy in a male world where ladies were supposed to be damsels who needed saving. To become Kingmaker, I will prove to all, especially the princes, that I am here to stay, and will be the one doing the saving.

My Personal Review: The final book in this series and it was intense to say the least. It is not hard to see that Violet has not had it easy. The big question in my mind is would she become the Kingmaker. The journey have been filled with one trial after another. I loved the characters in this story it was such a delight to follow them on their journey. I love the little bonus of Tempest it made me smile. 

My Rating of the Book: 4 Stars

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