2021: A New Year

Happy News Years everyone. I am back for another year. I know that last year was not ideal for most everyone. I had my ups and downs as well. I am not saying it was all bad but it made me look at the world differently as a whole. I did get to read some great books this past year and I am looking forward to reading many more in the year to come. I am not sure yet what my goals are going to be this year about I am willing to share what I discover on that journey here with you all.

I am always looking for new things to read and new authors that I am not aware of yet. If you think there is something that I should read or an author I should take note of send me a message or leave me a comment. I do already have some books for the new year but my whole year is not planned out yet. There is still room for me wonderful stories to be shared. I like giving my opinion on what I am reading that is part of the reason I started this blog almost four years ago now. Also it does not have to be a new book or debut author. There are thousands of books written and published each year. There is a really good chance that I missed a few that I should have read.

I want to say that I am ready for what the world will bring this year, but I have no way of knowing. I just want to keep going forward and do what I love to do. There is a lot that goes into this blog, how I post and what I share. I am hoping to be you all better content this year. So until we cross path again be safe, be healthy, be happy and most of all keep on reading.

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