Checking in!!!

I know that I have not posted in awhile. I have a lot going on my life that has been keeping me way from the laptop. It seems the universe has a way of keeping things up in the air. My husband has been laid off and I am still having trouble finding work. The world around us has changed in some ways, but remained the same in others. I keep getting the same line from people and it makes things hard. You all know the phrase that I am taking. “You are over-qualified for this position. I have heard it a lot. I have two associates in business and an accounting certificate.

He and I are working on our options and trying to get back to a good play. I wish blogging paid. I know it does for some but I have not found a way for it to work for me. That does not change why I am a blogger. No I will continue to do what I love when it come to sharing my option of books and the stories they take me on.


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