Review: Book: Detective Maya Mystery Boxset- Noah Alexander

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Title: Detective Maya Mystery Boxset

Series: Detective Maya Mystery Boxset Book 1-3

Author’s Name: Noah Alexander


Genre: Mystery

Page Count: 465 Pages


Author or Book Website: Noah Alexander – TOI Write India Winner Author (

Link to Amazon purchase page: Detective Maya Mystery Boxset (Books 1 – 3) – Kindle edition by Alexander, Noah. Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Kindle eBooks @

Link to Goodreads: Detective Maya Mystery Boxset (Books 1 – 3) by Noah Alexander | Goodreads

Release Date: N/A

How I Got the Book: Review Copy

Summary of the Book:

The first three books in the Detective Maya Mystery series featuring a female detective fighting gender prejudice in the 19th Century and her own inner demons.

The Anatomist’s Secret

Maya works in the Bombay Detective Agency but strictly as a clerk. The chief of the agency is convinced that detective work is solely the domain of men and would not consent to a woman solving cases in a city teeming with crime and criminals.

So, when a celebrated Anatomist mistakes her to be a detective and hires her to solve a mystery about a grave robber, Maya thinks that destiny has finally smiled on her. She is mistaken. She has little idea what awaits her.

Before long Maya is plunged into the dark underbelly of the Indian metropolis, fording through a maze of vile body snatchers, thieves and murderers all of who seem intent upon dissuading her from uncovering the dark mystery that she has set out to unravel.

Will Maya be able to prove that she is cut out for this work, or will her first case be her last?

The Mayor’s Abduction

What do you do when you dislike the mayor. You get him kidnapped, of course…

Norman Sinclair seemed poised to return for his second term as the Mayor of Cardim until he is kidnapped mysteriously from a moving carriage two weeks from election day.

No one notices but on the same day, another girl disappears from an orphanage nearby. Kerry has been receiving anonymous letters every year on her birthday cautioning her about a bald man with a half-burnt face who wants to kill her. She thinks nothing of the warning till she finds the same man lurking outside her orphanage on the morning of her eighteenth birthday.

Before she goes missing, Kerry sends a desperate plea to Maya for help. So, while the city police scour the metropolis in search of the mayor, Maya is on the lookout for Kerry. But finding the girl is every bit as hard as finding the mayor. There are few clues to follow and those that there are provide more questions than answers. 

With each passing moment pushing Kerry’s life in greater jeopardy, will Maya be able to reason her way through the quagmire and solve the mystery in time?

Or is it too late already?

The Mystic’s Miracle

Twenty people saw him jump to his death. One of them is convinced that it wasn’t a suicide but murder…

There is one thing that Maya fears more than revisiting her obscure past – leaving an intriguing mystery unresolved.  So, when she is asked to investigate the perplexing death of her estranged uncle and the owner of the Golem Circus, Maya makes the difficult decision to return to the place she thought she had left for good 7 years ago.

It’s a decision she could easily come to regret.

Back among familiar faces, investigating her uncle’s death is not her only challenge. First, she has to fend off questions about the details of her ignominious disappearance from the circus. Maya would prefer not to discuss the event which changed her life forever, but she has no choice…

For the answer to her uncle’s murder lies in Maya’s bitterest memories.

My Personal Review: I received a copy of this book for a fair and honest review. I love a good mystery as the next person. The story takes place in India when is was still a British colony. Maya works as a clerk at the Bombay Detective Agency. She wants nothing more in the world than to be a detective. There are two problems with hat it is the 1870’s and she is a woman. It is not allowed, but she is not going to let that stop her. She is hired by a man that thinks that she is a detective. She does kind of take advantage of those that are in need of her help since no one else will take the cases. I love Maya she is a wonderful and dramatic character. The setting is one that I have only just starting to understand.

My Rating of the Book: 4 Stars

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