Cover Reveal: THE LABYRINTH OF SAVAGE SHADOWS  by Murphy Wallace

THE LABYRINTH OF SAVAGE SHADOWS  by Murphy Wallace is coming May 26!


A dark, reverse harem, Phantom of the Opera retelling based on the Sewer Alligator urban legend.

She called to us like a siren…

The sweet, harmonious melody flowed into our abyss from above. Her angelic voice wrapped us in a tenderness we’d never experienced before. We were captivated as she unearthed foreign emotion while drawing us deeper under her spell.

We hunger for her with a desire that may never be satisfied. She’s intrigued by us, and watching her fail to conceal her fascination is like delicious foreplay. She attempts to hide behind the feeble man who deceives her, but we have no qualms eliminating anyone who dares to try and keep her from us.

Society can’t hold us to their standards.

We do what we want.

We take what we want.

We harbor no regret.

And nothing will stop us from possessing every part of her.

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