Review: Book: Birth of the Storm- Valerie Storm

Title: Birth of the Storm

Series: Demon Storm #1

Author’s Name: Valerie Storm

Publisher: Shadow Spark Publishing

Genre: YA Fantasy

Page Count: 318 Pages

ISBN:  978-1956883046

Author or Book Website: Valerie Storm — Shadow Spark Publishing

Link to Amazon purchase page: Birth of the Storm (Demon Storm): Storm, Valerie: Books

Link to Goodreads: Birth of the Storm (Demon Storm #1) by Valerie Storm | Goodreads

Release Date: N/A

How I Got the Book: Review Copy

Summary of the Book:

A bolt of lightning. And a dream of vengeance.

For wolf-demon Kari, these define her every waking moment. Her parents are dead, slaughtered by human hands, forcing their only daughter to masquerade among their killers to save her own skin. Now she dwells among them, hiding her lightning-based abilities and plotting a terrible revenge, believing her schemes are all she’s good for now. But when she discovers unexpected solace among a group of humans who look past her monstrous nature, Kari finds herself questioning everything. Her mission. Her dreams. Even the hatred festering in her heart.

Is it possible for a creature like Kari to find happiness in a world that despises her?

My Personal Review: I received a copy of this book for a fair and honest review. I got pulled in right from the stair. This book had me all wrapped up in my emotions for Kari. She could not seem to get a break. The death of her parents and then being taken in almost forcibly by the people responsible. While there she has to hide what she is and what she is doing to get her revenge, but her path takes her a new way and she makes new connections. My heart was pounding the whole way. I did not see the end coming. I want the next book now.

My Rating of the Book: 5 Stars

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