Book Spotlight: Bedding Rose- Ann Denton


Rose makes me blind with lust, but also with fury.
She’s going to give me what I want, even if I have to blackmail her to get it.
She can hate me ‘til her dying day, but I will not let this secret of hers stand.
I’m going to find out who hurt her … and show them they can’t touch what’s mine.


He’s crossed a line that we can’t come back from.
Threatening to ruin my family is unforgivable.
I don’t care about the crush I used to have on him, or the fact that he’s my brother’s best friend.
Angelo Walker is the devil incarnate.
And I refuse to bow to a demon … no matter how he tempts me.

Amazon: Bedding Rose (Stalked and Plucked): Denton, Ann: Books

Ann Denton is an Amazon Charts bestselling author of paranormal, fantasy, contemporary romance, and urban fantasy.

She has lived in New Mexico, New Jersey, California, and Oklahoma, and sometimes only lives in the alternate universe in her head. This interior world often includes amazing comebacks, scenarios in which laundry is vanquished with a wink, and an endless supply of Baby Ruth candy bars.

When forced to join reality, she enjoys spending time with her family, painting, or reading.

She is always happy to hear from readers and welcome new friends on Facebook.

Facebook Group:

Email: Ann AT

She’d be over-the-moon if you sign up for her mailing list at: so that you can hear about her new releases, discounts, giveaways, and other fun stuff!

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